The Technical Team of Nutrimax at the cattle farm


The Technical Team of Nutrimax visited the beef cattle farms located in Shida Kartli.

Within the framework of the visit, the technical support of the farms was implemented, the terms of the cattle were assessed and the relevant recommendations were made on the maintenance of the goods and the correct methodology.

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Pig feed "Sando"


New brand "Sando" was added to Nutrimax pig feed production.  

The product is made from the highest quality raw material for small enterprises to get a balanced, combined, granulated product for pigs at affordable prices.

The pig feed "Sando" (start and grower-finish) provides optimal growth and development of pig and increases health at every stage.

Customers can purchase products in the Nutrimax stores network as well as in the regions through dealers.


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ISO 22000 - International Food Safety System in Nutrimax


Please note that the Nutrimax Quality Management Team has actively started working on the development of the International Food Safety System - ISO 22000, its introduction and certification process.

This system includes all processes and areas and provides safe, stable products production and delivery to our customers.

Implementation of this system will ensure compliance with the international standards of our company and will help us to improve a number of processes, which in itself stimulates the company's progress and development!

The system development started and the company will be certified by the end of the year.

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Sheep feed


Nutrimax technical team is actively working on producing a sheep feed for meat direction.

 Experiments are conducted on the feed and we will be able to offer sheep feed to our customers in the nearest future!

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