About Us


Nutrimax has been operating on the Georgian market since 2009 with particular focus to provide a top-class feed, feed supplements and innovative methods of feeding to small and medium-size animal and poultry farmers. 

Nutrimax clients are small, medium and large farms. Our main objective is to care for their success. 

We offer compound feed as well as top-class premixes and concentrates for efficient feeding of animals and poultry.

We also provide free of charge consultations for improving our customers performance. 

Nutrimax maintains continuous efforts to keep close contacts with young people, who want to deepen knowledge in veterinary or zoo-technical direction and assists them to utilize their full potential.




The company mission is to foster development and success of farming by providing high-quality products, contemporary knowledge and qualified consultations.


Products and Services


We share qualified experience of the world's leading feed manufacturer Trouw Nutrition to our clients and offer top quality compound feed and feed supplements:


Milkiwean - piglets pre-starter;

Chick-Care – top-quality pre-starter for chicks;

Hendrix – concentrates for broilers and cattle;

Maxcare – premixes for poultry, pigs and ruminants;

Broiler Max – compound feed and concentrates for broilers;

Braun Mix – compound feed for broilers;

Layer Max – compound feed for egg-laying hens;

Pig Max – compound feed and concentrates for pigs;

Milk Max – compound feed for dairy cows;

Beef Max- compound feed for beef cattle. 

Besides wide range of products, the company also offers laboratory services to consumers to examine quality of their own feed or raw materials free of charge. 

Equipped with modern technologies, our laboratories assist our consumers in composing feed ration via Bestmix software based on Trouw Nutrition database and provide consultations for improving their performance. Nutrimax is permanently dedicated to customer care and offers high standard products to them.


Official Partner of Nutreco and Trouw Nutrition in Georgia


Nutreco is the world's leading company in production of animal, poultry and fish feeds. With Millions of customers worldwide and diverse products, Nutreco's key principles are quality, innovation and stability. 100-years of performance of the company has brought knowledge and rich heritage of experience. The company employs about 11 000 workers in 35 countries of the world and its products are sold in about 80 countries. 

Trouw Nutrition Hifeed is a subsidiary of Nutreco that is the world's leading company in production of premixes and vitamin- mineral additives that are necessary for animal feeding. 

Nutrimax is an official partner of Nutreco and Trouw Nutrition Hifeed in Georgia. This fact enables us to prepare top-quality and stable products and introduce any global innovations quickly and efficiently on the Georgian market. 


Know-How Agreement


Based on the Know-how agreement signed between Nutrimax and Trouw Nutrition in 2013, Nutrimax receives the permanent support from Trouw Nutrition in quality control, innovation and gets continuous transfer of knowledge and experience. 

Under this agreement, the company specialists are trained in the Netherlands at Trouw Nutrition offices, enterprises and research centres. Dutch specialists also arrive in Georgia and hold trainings for the specialists of our company and our clients. 

Thanks to such intensive process of sharing the knowledge and experience, we permanently try to establish innovative projects and maintain high standards.


Permanent Control of Quality


It is our key objective to offer high-quality products to consumers. All of our products pass strict quality and chemical content control, which ensures to meet European standards and requirements of Georgian farms' in the field of animal and poultry feed. The company permanently sends products to laboratory of Masterlab (subsidiary of Nutreco). At the laboratory, high-qualified specialists examine product and carry out analysis. 

Masterlab is Europe's leading laboratory in the field of control of animal feed, human food and pharmaceutical products.  

In March 2013, Nutrimax has launched a new laboratory with cutting-edge equipment based on NIR technologies. In 2015, the company introduced MycoMaster Laboratory service. These services allow to receive chemical content of feed raw material and finished feed with maximum accuracy to standards..

Starting from 2016, two new devices - Holmen Durability Tester for granules and Kahl Hardness Tester for granules steadiness definition were introduced by Nutrimax laboratory. These devices enable us permanently control quality of granulated goods and offer high-quality products.



Enterprise of Modern, High-Technology Combined Feed

In September 2016 modern and high-technology combined feed enterprise of Nutrimax opened. Its annual output is 50 000 tons of animal, poultry and fish feed. 

The project was implemented by active involvement and consultations of Trouw Nutrition. This factor ensures compatibility of the new plant with modern standards.

Trouw Nutrition will continue active participation in plant and production management issues and this will enable us to establish European standards and offer high-standard products to consumers.

Feed products for poultry, ruminants and fishing sector will satisfy the demand of Georgia and the whole South Caucasus Region.


New products for Nutrimax Customers!


Starting 2017 new products were added to the wide assortment ofNutrimax such as granulated feed for rabbit, quail, fish (for variety of carp family).  

Moreover, in the near future we will offer the existing products in granulated form to our clients.

Nutrimax permanently introduces new products to its customers and will continue offering top-quality diverse products in the future too.