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Competition to select partner farmers

Nutrimax is announcing a competition to select partner farmers (farming families) with whom it will work on the development of new poultry farms.

About the company:

Nutrimax is an animal and poultry feed company, which has been operating in the Georgian market since 2009 and its purpose is to provide farmers with the highest quality animal and poultry feed, feed additives, and modern feeding methods.

The organizational mission is to develop farms and take care of their success through quality products, modern knowledge, and qualified consulting.

About the project:

Under the current project, it is planned to set up a high-tech broiler farm or farms for 25,000 poultry, where it will be possible to produce about 250 tons of chicken meat per year.

The amount of investment required for the development of a high-tech farm in the case of starting from scratch is 300-350 thousand USD. The project is planned with the help of partners (Nutrimax and the farming family), as well as loan capital.

Under the project, Nutrimax will provide the necessary resources and further the sale of products, and the main responsibility of the farmer will be the successful implementation of daily activities on the farm.

Within the framework of the partnership Nutrimax:

· invest its own funds in the development of farms;

· Attract resources from banks and leasing companies;

· Provides construction and arrangement of the farm;

· Provide the farmer with all the necessary resources: chicken, food, medicine, etc.

· Provide relevant training to the farmer and his family members;

· Sends his experienced staff to the farm for a certain period of time;

· Provide 24-hour support to the farmer;

· Takes responsibility for the sale of manufactured products;

Farmer's responsibilities and duties:

· Successfully pass the preparatory course and acquire the theoretical knowledge required for farm management;

· Involvement in farm construction and process monitoring;

· Permanent life on the farm, compliance with food safety and labor safety standards, biosafety;

· Monitoring the technical condition of the poultry;

· Carrying out daily work necessary for the operation of the farm;

Farmer Selection Criteria:

· The candidate must have the desire to live and work permanently with his family on a farm equipped with modern technologies;

· Be a farmer, hardworking, orderly and with high responsibilities;

· Should be focused on acquiring and developing new knowledge;

· In order for a farmer to be a co-owner and not a hired person, it is necessary to co-operate within 5-10% of the total cost of the project, which is possible both in cash (20-30 thousand USD) and property (land required for farm construction - approx. 2 hectares, within a maximum radius of 70 km from Tbilisi);

· Experience working on a farm or agriculture is not required;

· It is desirable for a potential partner to have a positive credit history, as the project envisages cooperation with financial institutions;

What we offer to farmers and their families:

· Monthly stable income within 3000 GEL;

· Business share within 20-100%, which will depend on the investment made by the farmer;

· Annual dividend from 20,000 GEL (will depend on the farmer's share and initial investment);

· Avoiding risks related to insufficient financial and technological resources, lack of knowledge, sales problems.

· The farmer will be able to redeem the share of Nutrimax at any time under pre-agreed terms;

· Can at any time cancel his / her share, which Nutrimax will redeem under pre-agreed terms;

· Additional benefits - farmer's family health insurance, legal and tax support, comfortable living environment, etc.

Follow the link below to complete the application:

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