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Farmer School Graduation Event

Company „Nutrimax“ organized a one-month free training course - Farmer's School.

The course was designed for those interested in working in the field of farming and those seeking employment in the field.

The training program was conducted in two different directions:

1.Broiler Direction Farm Management;

2. Management of pig Direction Farm.

The listeners studied;

Effective maintenance/breeding of broiler/pig on the farm according to relevant standards;

Application of modern farm management technologies;

Arrangement/management of farm sanitation and bio-security system.

In addition to theoretical knowledge, trainees were able to gain practical experience through farm visits.

Successful students were awarded certificates as well as company recommendation for employment in advanced farms.

The purpose of the training was;

1. Promotion of farming;

2. Raising awareness of potential farmers, transferring knowledge through qualified consultations;

3. Promotion of employment of interested persons in this field.

The mission of Nutrimax“ is to encourage the development and success of farming through providing high-quality products, contemporary knowledge and qualified consultations.

The free course "Farmer's School" is implemented within the framework of corporate social responsibility

Nutrimax Company will continue to participate in the events planned for the development of farming.