15% pig concentrate

96 L

Packing: 25kg

Product description

What is 15% pig concentrate?

15% pig protein concentrate is a universal feed supplement for pigs over 25 kilograms, the form of which contributes to the easy consumption of feed by the pig, maximum initial growth and development, and daily weight gain before slaughter.

Why 15% pig concentrate?

The 15% pig concentrate ensures fast growth and maximum weight gain with small feedings and in a short time.

Ingredients used:

Premix, corn, wheat, soy meal, (made from genetically modified soybeans), sunflower meal, barley, and other plant-based raw materials, which are not prohibited by the legislation of Georgia and the European Union.

Shelf life: 4 months after production (in case of compliance with storage methods);

Method of storage: Dry, cool, and sun-protected place;

Packaging: 25 kg

Nutrition recommendations

Usage instruction:


Recommended ration


(per 1000 kg)

15% concentrate










Nutrition recommendations

·        When the gilt reaches 25 kg live weight, start feeding with 15% concentrate pig grower finish phase feed and feed until slaughter.

·        For gilts up to 60-65 kg of live weight, give unlimited feed in dry form without any additives.

·        From 60-65 kg of live weight, on a limited basis, 3-3.5 kg of ready-to-use food per day

·        Make sure that the pig always has clean, drinking water.