Complete feed for carp - Finish

2.28 L

Packing: 25kg

Product description

What is complete feed for Carp in finishing phase?

Complete feed for Carp in finishing phase is a complete pelleted feed for carp feeding on 500 g of live weight till the end of production.



Why feed for Carp in finishing phase?

Carp feed is made from high-quality raw materials; 
Carp feed provides maximum results at lower costs in the shortest period of time;
Carp feed is adjusted to the different phases of carp development;
Carp feed designed for high-performance Carp farming, the best feed conversion rates and harvesting high-quality table fish.



Used Ingredients:

HENDRIX Carp protein concentrate, animal origin raw materials, soybean meal, sunflower meal, maize, barley and other vegetable raw materials that are not forbidden by European and Georgian  legislation



Date of storage: 2 months from the manufacture date (in case of monitoring storage conditions).
Storage rule: Cool, dark and dry place.
Package: 25 kg laminated polypropylene bag.

Nutrition recommendations

Feeding recommendations:

The following guidelines provide excellent conversion rates based on different temperature ranges. In practice, exact feeding guidelines can be changed in accordance with the observed pond population appetite. Per each 100 kg pond biomass should be given by the table below:

Feeding Guidelines:

Carp should be provided with feed by a feeder or via hand scattering into the water;
During hand feeding method, it is recommended to feed Carp two times per day: early morning and in the afternoon (if the water temperature is 20 degrees and more, three-time feeding per day is recommended).
It is recommended to feed Carps at the same place because carp easily tend to remember feeding place.
Warning: Bad quality water, less oxygen, heavy metals, acidity, unclean water, biological pollution, organic waste and many different viral, bacterial, fungal diseases in a pond can have a negative influence on the carp’s growth and productivity.                                       

Feeding recommendations:.

Water Temperature  0C  10 12 14 16 18 20 24 >24
Feed quantity* 0,5 0,7 1 1,5 1,8 2 2,5  
*kg 100 kg fish feed quantity during per day.
For example, the weight of pool fish for 1,000 fish with 100g per, equals 100kg. Considerably, on the 180C degree, 100kg fish are given 1,8kg feed during day and night. If biomass weight is 200kg, in this case, they are given 2x1.8kg=3.6 kg feed and etc.