Lactating Rabbit Feed

47.5 L

Packing: 25kg

Product description

What is Lactating Rabbit Feed?

Lactating Rabbit Feed is a pelleted compound feed, made from vegetable origin raw materials. It contains all the essential nutrients and satisfies rabbit’s requirements at the gestation and lactation period.

Why lactating Rabbit Feed?

Lactating Rabbit Feed enables rabbit to maintain desirable condition;
Lactating rabbit feed ensures consumer to get healthy and viable generation.


Used Ingredients:

Maxcare premix produced by Trouw Nutrition, wheat, soybean meal, sunflower meal, alfalfa flour, vegetable oil and other vegetable raw materials that are not forbidden by Georgian and European legislation.


Date of storage: 5 months from the manufacture date (in case of monitoring storage conditions).
Storage rule: Cool, dark and dry place.
Package:25kg laminated polypropylene bag.

Nutrition recommendations

Feeding Guidelines:

The Feed is used from gestation and during the whole lactation period;
The Feed should be given in a dry form without any additional feed additives;
Rabbit consumes 200-250g lactating rabbit feed per day in the gestating period, while  350-400 gram feed in the lactation period;
Daily consumption of feed depends on the rabbit’s breed, health and physiological condition;
Apart from a feed, for reaching a desirable result, following factors are vital: thorough disinfect of hatches and deratization, healthy bunny, vaccination, water quality, temperature mode, ventilation and hygiene norm maintenance;
A transition from any other feed to lactating rabbit feed must happen step by step by mixing both phase feed during 5-7 days;
A rabbit should be provided with pure water, ad libitum, without any restrictions;
It is better to start Lactating Rabbit Feed usage by mixing with until used feed during three days (for gradual adaptation to the new phase feed).