Pig Max Gestating Sow - Pig Complete Feed

37.25 L

Packing: 25kg

Product description

What is Pig Max Gestating Sow feed?

Pig Max is a feeding technology for parent stock and fattening pigs that was developed by professional European experts in animal nutrition and it is effectively adjusted to solve the pig rising problems in Georgian reality.
Pig Max Gestating Sow is a compound feed for gestating sows, used from the breeding period till farrowing.


Why use Pig Max Gestating Sow feed?

Pig Max gestating sow feed is a complete feed which is specially designed for gestating sow’s physiological condition and improves its health condition  and lactation process after the farrowing;
Usage of Pig Max Gestating Sow feed will ensure not only gestating pig’s well-being but you will get quite developed and uniform piglets in stock;
Pig Max Gestating Sow feed is balanced with all the useful materials and does not need any additional feed additives.



Used Ingredients:

Maxcare premix produced by TROUW NUTRITION, corn, wheat, soybean meal, barley, sunflower meal, vegetable oil,  and other vegetable raw materials that are not forbidden by Georgian and European legislation.
Date of storage: 5 months from the manufacture date (in case of monitoring storage conditions).
Storage rule: Cool, dark and dry place. 
Package: 25kg laminated polypropylene bag.

Nutrition recommendations

Feeding recommendation:

Pig Max Gestating  Sow feed should be given in  a dry form, without any additives;
Pig Max gestating  sow should be given from the farrowing day (during a gestating period) regarding the recommended doses given in the table:
During Pig Max Gestating Sow feed usage pigs should be provided with pure water, without any restrictions.

Feeding Guidelines:

Pig Max Gestating Sow feed should be given with special dosage according to the table above;
Pig Max Gestating Sow feed should be given in a dry form without any additives;
During Pig Max Gestating Sow feeding period pigs should be provided with pure water without any restrictions;
It is better to start Pig Max Gestating Sow usage by mixing it with until used feed during three days (for gradual adaptation to the new phase feed).

Usage Rules for gestating sow

Gestating days 








Pig Max – Gestating Sow (kg)