Quail Feed Grower-Finish

51.5 L

Packing: 25kg

Product description

What is quail feed Grower-Finish?

Quail feed grower-finish is a complete feed for quail, made from animal and vegetable origin raw materials. It contains all the essential nutrients and satisfies quail’s requirements at all growth stages.



Why Quail Feed Grower-Finish?

Quail feed grower-finish is a feed with unique content, that ensures quail’s weight gain at lower costs during the average and final stage of growth;
Quail feed grower-finish is adjusted to the specific weight, age and condition of quail;
Quail feed grower-finish ensures quail’s health and maximum daily weight gain. It enables the consumer to receive the best quality meat.


Used Ingredients:

Maxcare premix produced by Trouw Nutrition, maize, wheat, soybean meal, sunflower meal, animal origin raw materials, vegetable oil and other vegetable origin raw materials that are not forbidden by Georgian and European legislation.


Date of storage: 3 months from the manufacture date (in case of monitoring storage conditions).
Storage rule: Cool, dark and dry place.
Package: 25kg laminated polypropylene bag.

Nutrition recommendations

Feeding Guidelines:

The feed should be given from the 5th weeks of life, in a dry form without any feed additives;
Quail consumes 250-300g grower-finish during 5th and 6th weeks;
Feed should be given without any restrictions. Daily quantity of feed consumption is depended on quail’s breed and live weight;
Apart from a feed, for reaching a desirable result, following factors are vital: thorough disinfect, healthy chick, vaccination, water quality, temperature mode, ventilation and hygienic norm maintenance;
Quail should be provided with pure water, ad libitum, without any restrictions;
It is better to start Quail feed Grower-Finish usage by mixing with Quail feed start for three days (for gradual adaptation to the new phase feed).