Sargo - Mash

29.75 L

Packing: kg

Product description

What is Sargo?

Sargo is a high-quality grain mixture, which is represented by two: granulated mash forms.


Why Sargo? 

Sargo runs thermal treatment that ensures improved digestion of feed and simplifies the nutrients digestibility; 
Sargo helps to get better results with fewer looses;
Sargo manufacturing technology helps to maintain the health of animal or poultry. 


Used Ingredients:

Corn, wheat, barley, wheat bran.
Date of storage: 5 months from the manufacture date (in case of monitoring storage condition).
Storage rule: Cool, dark and dry place.
Package: 20kg polypropylene bag.

Nutrition recommendations

Feeding Guidelines:

Sargo is used in the feed of animal and poultry, on the farmer or nutritionist vision; 
During Sargo consumption, it's important to have animal permanently access to fresh water.