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Carp feed - 4mm

Packing: 20kg

Product description

Product description

Nutrition recommendations

What is carp feed? 

Carp feed is a ready-to-use combined, extruded feed for carp fish, designed to feed carp at all stages of growth, from hatchery to food fish.

Why carp food? 

• With carp feed, maximum results are obtained in a short period and with fewer expenses on feed;

• Carp feed is made with the highest quality raw materials;

• Carp feed is adapted to different phases of fish development;

• Carp feed ensures fish health and high taste qualities of food fish;

Ingredients used:

Wheat, soybean meal (made from genetically modified soybeans), sunflower meal, meat and bone meal, bran, fish meal, corn meal, fish oil, sunflower oil, animal fat, and vitamin-mineral supplement.

Shelf life: 8 months after manufacture;

Method of storage: Dry, cool, and sun-protected place;

Packaging: 20 kg laminated polypropylene bag.