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Milk cow concentrate 22%

Packing: 25kg

Product description

Product description

Nutrition recommendations

What is Dairy Max milk cow concentrate?

·        Dairy Max concentrate 22%  is a granulated concentrate for milk cows, the special formula of which is intended for high-producing dairy cows.

·        The use of Dairy Max concentrate 22% depends on the average daily milk yield of the milk cow, the lactation phase, the condition of the milk cow, and the availability of juicy and coarse feed of the particular farm.

·        Dairy Max concentrate 22% is used to obtain a complete ration and is fed from 6 kg to 9 kg per cow, mixed with silage and coarse feed.


Why Dairy Max milk cow concentrate?

·        Dairy Max concentrate 22% is balanced specifically for feeding high-producing dairy cows that primarily consume corn silage as feed.

·        Dairy Max concentrate 22% completely replaces the grain and meal compound used by the farmer.

·        Dairy Max concentrate 22% helps to maintain the maximum daily milk yield throughout the lactation period.

·        Dairy Max concentrate 22% is made with special granulation technology, which ensures maximum assimilation of food.

·        Dairy Max concentrate 22% is made from plant-based raw materials, which ensures the health of dairy cattle and the best quality raw milk.

Ingredients used:

Wheat, sunflower oilcake, corn distiller's dried grains residue, corn, bran, limestone, urea, salt, and other plant-based raw materials, which are not prohibited by the legislation of Georgia and the European Union.


Shelf life: 5 months after production (in case of compliance with storage methods);

Method of storage: Dry, cool, and sun-protected place;

Packaging: 25 kg