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Piggywean – Piglet Pre-starter

3.2 L
Packing: 25kg

Product description

Product description

Nutrition recommendations

What is Piggywean?

Piggywean is a premium quality pelleted pre-starter produced by NUTRIMAX” for painless weaning and transition to rough feed. Pre-starter increases productivity of piglet in the first period of life.



Why Piggywean?                

Piggywean ensures maximum feed digestion;
Up to 5 kg, Piggywean consumption provides pig growth up to 4-5 kg live weight;
Piggywean lowers diarrhoea risks after piglets weaning and transition to rough feed;
Piggywean contains all the necessary vitamins, macro and micro elements for the growth of healthy and high-productive pigs.



Used Ingredients:

Milkiwean concentrate, corn, wheat, soybean meal, barley, organic acid, vegetable oil and other vegetable raw materials that are not forbidden by Georgian and European legislation.
Date of storage: 5 months from the manufacture date (in case of monitoring storage conditions). 
Storage rules: Cool, dark and dry place.  
Package: 25kg laminated polypropylene bag.