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Reviva-Energetic supplement for cows

27.36 L
Packing: 7kg

Product description

Product description

Nutrition recommendations

What is Reviva?

Reviva is a feed supplement produced by Trouw Nutrition for a single use immediately after calving. Reviva helps to improve newly calved cows to repair physiological conditions.


Why Reviva?

Reviva is specially produced for fill nutrients, energy and basic micro and macro elements, losses after calving in the cow;

Reviva is a special complex for single use, that restores cow’s energy deficiency and electrolyte balance;

Reviva ensures colostrum formation in required amount on time. This is the first most important factor in the process of getting a healthy calf.


Date of storage: 24 months from the manufacture date (in case of monitoring storage conditions).
Storage rules: Cool, dark and dry place.
Package: 7 kg bucket.