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Zarde Starter - Pork feed

Packing: 25kg

Product description

Product description

Nutrition recommendations

What is Zarde Start?

"Zarde Start" is a ready-to-use granulated pork feed, the shape of which facilitates easy consumption of food by piglet, maximum initial growth and development, and daily weight gain in a given period.

Why Zarde Start?

The feed contributes to the maximum initial growth and development and daily weight gain in the given period and also contributes to the formation of the piglet's gastrointestinal system.

Ingredients used:

Corn, wheat, bran, vitamin-mineral supplement, soybean meal (made from genetically modified soybeans), sunflower oil, and other plant-based raw materials, which are not prohibited by the legislation of Georgia and the European Union.

Shelf life: 5 months after production (in case of compliance with storage methods);

Method of storage: Dry, cool, and sun-protected place;

Packaging: 25 kg